Not only did a rational design approach dictate a significant saving on the amount of insulation required for East Point, but in doing so, it enabled the developer and owner, SA Corporate Real Estate Fund, to direct capital expenditure to other areas where it made a bigger difference in getting the best energy return for the whole building.

According to the architect, Jeffrey Cole, the problem arose from a technical challenge faced by the professional team.

“In preparing the feasibility for the project, the project Quantity Surveyor had allowed for 135mm thick fibreglass wool type insulation as per the deemed-to-satisfy compliance of SANS 10400XA. What had not been allowed for was the additional structure required to support the roof sheeting over the 135mm insulation without compressing such, and thereby negatively affecting its performance. The only option left to the team was to look at board type insulation, but the cost of compliant, deemed-tosatisfy, 80mm Lambdaboard® was again beyond the budget constraints of the project. The only solution was to undertake a rational design on the building in order to reduce the thickness of insulation required and thereby the cost.”

– Cole states


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