When it came to Wesbank Spar in Malmesbury’s insulation needs, the specifier team turned to Lambdaboard from Rigifoam. This team comprised of architect and engineers, SKCMasakizwe Engineers, the main contractor, Niewenhuys Bouers, and the installer selected for this project was Land Staal.

Lambdaboard offered the correct aesthetic appeal, as well as thermal resistance that the architect and engineer were looking for. It is also one of the only products on the market that can offer LTTR (Long Term Thermal Resistance), a Phenomenon that is the designers are slowly coming to grips with.

Due to Lambdaboards density, as well as rigidity the contractor and client alike noticed how fast the boards were installed. The wider board size also attributed to the aesthetic appeal that the store wanted to achieve as there was no ceiling to be installed below the structure. Hence, this is the reason that the client opted to paint the boards black to hide any electrical or mechanical components.

In addition, the 40mm board tends not to sag over the purlin’s spacing, unlike other types of insulation panels which happen to shrink over time.

The product was installed over the purlin beneath the roof cladding and vertically within the side of the cladding. In terms of installation sizes, the Spar roof required 2 426m2 and vertically 53m2 . The extra buildings for hire required installation of 720m2 and vertically 45m2 .

At the end of the day, the installation process was made easy due to the properties of the boards installed. It resulted in a successful installation project with products that have the looks and functional attributes to stand the test of time.


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