Discovery Global Headquarters

When it comes to prestigious projects, you need to rely on products that can supersede all expectations. There is no room for errors; your product needs to fulfil an array of duties without the possibility of failure. Lambdaboard has been proudly included as the premium insulation material for numerous prestigious projects, one of these being the iconic Discovery Global Headquarters in Sandton Central.


Roof of Discovery in Santon Central


Lambdaboard is used in a multitude of applications from traditional roof insulation through to surface beds, cavity walls and soffit insulation. With the large footprint of the building it was necessary to address the thermal transmittance through the slabs in order to achieve the required U-values within the office space. Lambdaboard was able to create viable solutions. To eliminate the “cold foot syndrome”, soffit insulation was installed in the basement to great effect. Given the design of the roof, and to be in line with Discovery’s lifestyle philosophy, it was decided to use Lambdaboard to insulate the roof’s sports areas and landscaped garden.


The Discovery Headquarters needed to be eco-friendly and of course cost-effective. From the design and through to the construction of the project, sustainability was a key element and factor. The brief given to the team by Discovery was to create an architectural statement that captured the essence of the Discovery brand and to improve the efficiencies in the day-to-day working of the company and its staff, which meant they had to constantly take into consideration the human experience within the space.


In addition, a sustainable building with a minimum 5-star Green Star rating was required. With various new technologies employed throughout the building, a five-star rating is an extremely impressive accolade to achieve for a project of this size.


This development has once again shown that major developers (Growthpoint and Zenprop) are taking sustainability very seriously, whilst embracing new technologies and utilising the best performing products with proven track records. Lambdaboard is pleased to have played its part in assisting the entire professional team in delivering a unique project that has surely changed the Sandton skyline forever.


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